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More Seppuku = Less Samurai

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When confronted by pain weigh your options. There are several things that can be done in order to stop pain. You can either remove the stimulus causing pain or you can increase the stimulus. It's typically advised to remove a stimulus, but there are benefits to an increase. Increasing the level of pain will render you incapable of being harmed beyond a certain point. Damage will be done, of course, but that is the limit of the damage. From that point on there is nothing to fear. If one were to have a finger severed, they could not have it severed again.

Damage is inevitable. Although avoiding damage is admirable it is sometimes unavoidable. As such one must be comfortable with accepting damage so that when it occurs one does not hesitate. Hesitation is a dead mind state in which nothing occurs. It is worse than damage. Hesitation is eradication.

Comfort leads to complacency. All actions that lead towards the betterment of self are uncomfortable by their very nature. It is not comfortable to work. It is not comfortable to learn. These tasks require effort. If you find yourself in a state of comfort you face stagnation. Do not let this happen.

Small actions lead to large ones. Learning something small leads to learning something large. By taking small steps every day you move large distances over time. Do not be discouraged by lack of speed. Be only discouraged by lack of movement.


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