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Darren Hassan, horrifying political opportunist #GoBackSBS
Like many people I watched Go Back to Where You Came From over the past three nights, a show in which a group of three people with strong views about asylum seekers take the asylum seeker journey in reverse. At the end of the three days the majority of the participants had changed their views about asylum seekers. Darren Hassan, however, was very vocal about his continued opposition to them coming to the country by boat.

I was left wondering how someone could be so adamantly staunch in their views on the subject when confronted with human suffering at the level he had seen so I looked around for a bit seeing what I could work out about the guy. I was wondering if perhaps he was a serial killer, because he was from South Australia.

His participant profile page on his website states this, however:

As an aspiring politician he ran unsuccessfully for the Democrats at the last two Federal elections. He has since joined the Liberal party.

His political aspirations are very telling. First he's attempted to run twice with a now defunct political party and has changed allegiance to the Liberals, who have a staunch anti-refugee stance so they can win the lucrative Australian racist vote. In order to keep his dreams of becoming a political creature alive he agreed to participate in Go Back to Where You Came From.

You could see in several sections that Darren was struggling with what he was being confronted with. In fact he went so far as to say one of the most stupid things in the entire show, "You're forcing us to feel empathy," which was kind of the entire point of the project to begin with. He managed to look like a complete dick throughout the show, but his reasons for doing so are pretty clear.

Check out his blog.

It's basically a venomous attack on asylum seekers and a call back to the immigration policies of the Howard era, kowtowing to his new Liberal masters. If political opportunity is what he's looking for he may actually get somewhere with vicious rhetoric like this. He may become the Liberal party's shining black knight that they can wave at the asylum seeker issue with calls of, "I completely understand what these people go through, but they're scum anyway."

It doesn't change the fact that he's had to sell his soul to do it, and anyone that's willing to go to these lengths in order to grab hold of a scrap of power should have it stripped from them as soon as is humanly possible.

This post is over.

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Isnt it lovely how, behind the anonymity of an online ID, you can attack someone personally and not their argument. Coward.

I think the hypocrisy of that argument coming from an anonymous user speaks for itself.

I'm Chinese and you're a cunt.

I'm Chinese and you're a cunt. There I said it.

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