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And I would have got away with it, too, if it wasn't for you damn kids!
I've been keeping tabs on the alleged death of Osama bin Ladin as it's been one hell of an interesting news week. The conflicting stories that are flying out of the woodwork make for some entertaining reading and viewing. I'm yet to meet anyone in the flesh that actually believes that he was killed by the U.S. but it seems that most Americans are hell bent on taking the word of their government at face value. Because we all know how well that works out for them.


Anyway, the greatest of these stories to come out recently has been the tale of the heroic military dog that took part in the raid somehow. I'm not making up that term, by the way, it's seriously referred to by the media as a heroic military dog. Further media releases have informed us that the identity of the dog will remain a secret, which should stem the tide of concern that would otherwise be out there for the pooch. Surely it's high on the hit list of the Islamic militants' most wanted by now.

Then again if the dog's identity needed to be protected doesn't that mean that this is a dog that is somehow going to be identified if the media accidentally let the name slip? Does the dog have a very distinctive name rather than one that millions of other dog have, or it it just that this dog is the only Fido on the military payroll?

Hang on a minute, there aren't that many famous dogs that would be capable of something like this that would work well in a team. I think I've figured out who killed Osama, folks:

Rice ron Robama!

This is probably a more realistic take on the story because if these guys were involved it was just someone dressing up as Osama to scare everyone else. I find that much more believable.


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