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Be nice to Hitler!
I was recently introduced to a comedian by the name of Louis CK, as someone cited that he was just as insulting as I am. After researching the subject for a little I discovered that he wasn't, but I was introduced to a radio interview in which he repeatedly asked Donald Rumsfeld if he were indeed a lizard from outer space. He also tweeted a whole bunch of things about Sarah Palin which generated a lot of ire from right wing psychotics. I was wondering why it is that the media is expected to treat people with the utmost of respect and dignity when those people have behaved as outright monsters in the past.

Iraq 2005.
In Rumsfeld's case quite literally.

This reminded me of the time that John Howard was on Q&A and someone threw some shoes at him for what he said about Iraq. There was a lot of outrage about this and a lot of people were highly critical of the guy that threw the shoes.

For those of you that don't know who John Howard is, this is him:

My fellow precious Australians.
This is either him or a look-alike, I can't tell.

I remember watching the shoe throwing incident live and thinking, "THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME THING I'VE EVER SEEN ON TV!" but it seemed the next day that my sentiments were not shared by those around me. Instead most people thought that the shoe thrower was out of line and should have been beaten to death with large sticks. I was confused by this. I felt that John Howard's performance verged on Dr Evil recounting his glory days.

Surely there is a line that people cross in which they can no longer be given the privilege of consistent civility. People that perform as John Howard did on that night tend not to be given a good reception when they lie, cheat and dodge every question that's thrown at them.

Oh wait, he's not white. That's okay then.
Then again Howard wasn't black. This guy, however, what a prick!

Why do we have to be nice to Hitler?

This post is over.

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He's my second favourite comedian. That dude is a genius.

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