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Internets achieved!
Finally after several weeks of dealings with Telstra the Ninja and I have the internet in the new household. Although it has been interesting to lead a Spartan lifestyle without access to the World Wide Web it has also been exceptionally frustrating to discover just how much I have come to rely upon it. Typically if I come across something that I would like to know and don't I can immediately look it up on my smart-phone, but out here my smart-phone is not nearly as intelligent as its namesake would imply. Therefore I am left with the choice of waiting for a frustrating five to ten minutes in order for a wikipedia page to load or go without the knowledge and higher blood pressure. Few informational titbits have warranted the wait.

This guy is my hero.
Although Starscream's most memorable line is probably, "Pathetic fools, there's no escape!" so that's something.

Speaking of high blood pressure our new ADSL 2 internet connection has been provided by none other than Telstra. They, naturally, completely fucked up the connection during the installation process, were late with the ADSL coding, and ended up coding the ADSL line to the wrong connection. Sorting all of this our involved talking to their customer service department, which in turn meant a lot of long distance calls to the Philippines.

Ladyboys and call centres.
Pictured: Not Australia.

I really have no problem dealing with people from outside of the country in order for a company to cut costs. That's the nature of economics, if something can be provided by someone for a cost less than someone else for the same quality of product then you may as well go with them. The issue isn't a language barrier either as the Filipinos speak English quite well with a slight American accent which I can forgive as they're not actually American. The issue is that no one in their customer support section can actually provide any customer support, and I'm pretty sure that it would be the same regardless of the geographical location of the call centres in question.

Can I get a connection with you?
And I'd much rather be speaking to someone that theoretically looks like this.

The Ninja and I called customer support on multiple occasions and became more and more belligerent in our manner. As a result of this we finally managed to get someone that was capable of following process and were thus transferred to someone in Australia that knew what they were doing. This begs several important questions:

1) Why were we being transferred to the Philippines if no one over there could help?
2) Does this usually support customers?
3) Was I actually speaking to a series of attractive Filipino women or Filipino ladyboys?
4) Does it really matter either way as long as they were attractive?

Things to think upon.

This post is over.


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