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France, the new America.
Recent events in Libya have finally resulted in the UN voting on a no-fly zone over the country, only a few weeks after Gaddafi had been using his air power to blow the shit out of his people. For the UN that's a pretty speedy response, which just goes to show that the UN is a heaping pile of shit that doesn't amount to a hill of beans when push comes to shove. Even so a no-fly zone is a good thing for the people of Libya, unless you include Gaddafi and his family in that. For them it's a very bad thing.

What has been confusing me about the Libyan situation is not the ineptitude of the UN, but rather the silence of most other major powers in regards to the situation. France was the only country to recognise the rebels as the official government, and is now promising that Gaddafi will have the shit blown out of him, which is nice. I know it's a little hard to find the French to be intimidating in this day and age but we would do well to remember that they have a long history of kicking a lot of arse.

Despite naming their heroes after grammatical symbols.
Asterix would have kicked the fuck out of Greenpeace.

France probably just wants a taste of the Libyan oil, which is entirely understandable. If they come to the aid of the rebels now they'll be well positioned to get a nice slice of the oil pie after they deal with Gaddafi. What amazes me is how the US has completely dropped the ball on this issue.

America, what the fuck are you doing? There's a country with more oil than the Beverly Hillbillies that has a leader in place that you've actively tried to enter into hostilities with in the past and you're not doing anything? I don't understand how the US can be presented with a massive opportunity like Gaddafi and not do anything about it. If they rolled in and threw some bombs about the US would actually be heroes for a change. Hell, the US could let the CIA actually assassinate Gaddafi and no one would care (other than Gaddafi, who would probably care a lot).

Do we now seriously live in a world where America exercises restraint for fear of angering the UN and France tells everyone to go eat a bag of dicks so they can go and be heroes? Are France now arrogant bastards that do whatever they feel like and don't care who they offend when they do it?

P.S. This book is awesome.
The real question here is why is Snowy walking? He's white, too.

Welcome back, France.

(Yes I know Tintin is Belgian but let's not spoil the joke.)

This post is over.

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to be fair tot he united States, we are throwing a lot of bombs around- 110 missles to take out the air defense, plus our extra special b-2 bombers that don't land anywhere but the old u.s. of a.

We'll get ours, don't worry about it.

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