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Vanille, funnier than some forms of cancer
Is this funny?

This is Georgia van Cuylenburg the person responsible for voicing Vanille in Final Fantasy XIII. I became aware of her after deciding that I really had to report whomever was responsible for Vanille's voice to the ICC for crimes against humanity. After a few Google searches I came across her website, which contained a picture of her draped in the American flag while the site proclaimed her to be from Australia. It was confusingly jingoistic. It also looks like it was designed by a six year old girl that had been given a set of crayons and told to make the prettiest thing imaginable only to do that instead.

The site stated that she was a comedian, which may have excused the layout somewhat if it was indeed a joke. It also provided a link to one of her routines and so I loaded up the ten minute video, which on this internet connection took one month at sea, and then watched it.

I found it terrible. There were a couple of good lines here and there but it was by no means outweighed by the overall lack of talent that was displayed. The crowd, however, seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were also comments online stating things such as, "This is probably the funniest stuff I've seen in a long time. Great job!" and, "That was pretty funny. Nice work."

Now there's no way for me to accurately gauge just how mentally retarded these posters are and as such it's difficult for me to access their claims.

Is this funny? Is there something wrong with me, other than the obvious curse of being an angry self-hating lesbian trapped in the muscular body of a terribly attractive misanthrope?

This post is over.


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