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Accents of fear
I am still alive. In many ways I'm more alive than I've ever been. By that I mean I have been cleaning the house with a vacuum. It's not really worthy of glory, but I like to think of it that way so I don't go insane as I do it. It's like when I used to chop wood as a child. I would take the axe in hand and then imagine that the wood was something I would want to chop, such as a small child or Indonesian prostitute.

I used to chop a lot of wood.

Unfortunately there is no need to chop wood in this household and thus I am left to chase dust with a vacuum. I will often envisage dust as ghosts and the vacuum as a Proton Pack but the dust doesn't put up much of a challenge. Dust just sits there until it encounters the vacuum. It's less like collecting restless souls and more like collecting bodies.

Been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIII. I've managed to play so much that the game has now opened up and now includes areas that can actually be explored as well as enemies that are capable of defeating the party. It came as something of a shock to actually lose a few battles. I've taken to using the Australian accented characters whenever possible as a nod to my jingoistic nature. It's nice that the Australian characters are from a world teaming with deadly wildlife that can murder you on a whim, although it does mean that the Australian voice actors didn't have to stretch at all. Actually whenever Vanille has to emote shock or fear at a creature attacking them she drops into an American accent, which is thoroughly appropriate.

I hope she gets raped in the end.
G'day mate! Me name's Vanille and... OM MY GARD IT'S AN A-LOOM-A-NIN BEAST!

Speaking of which, my new house is just across the way from a large section of bushland. I doubt very much that many mammals are going to be located in it, but snakes and insects are pretty much guaranteed. I like having snakes near my house as I've always lived within close proximity to deadly creatures. I hope to have snakes visit when guests from overseas are staying over. You haven't really visited Australia until you come within a meter or two of death. It's always best to let people know after the fact.

"Hey, you know that snake you just saw?"

"Yeah, it was pretty spooky."

"Yeah, if it bites you you've got a minute to get to hospital. Sucks ay?"


This post is over.

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Again, this past is awesome.

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