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The idea that I could be a responsible adult is as reprehensible to me as it is to anyone that knows me. I have all the calling cards that lead one to claim such a title, being a house, stable employment, a partner that doesn't always try to kill me and I can sustain myself for weeks on end without resorting to fast food, yet still the idea that I am responsible is alien to me. Hopefully it's also alien to everyone else, and thus no one will ever think to grant me with responsibility.

Superhero movies have been piping on about power and responsibility ever since Spiderman. Spiderman 3 was an excellent example of what occurs when one disregards responsibility in favour of a terrible dance scene. With great power comes great responsibility the movies claim, but what the hell does responsibility mean anyway? In movies it seems to be the capacity to beat up bad people, but I don't think that could hold true to most people day to day. It doesn't even seem responsible in the light of the movies. I'm pretty sure there are better ways to deal with people you have a problem with than punching the shit out of them. If someone's really such a problem that violence is necessary, perhaps shooting them at a distance would be a more responsible approach?

Most Hollywood takes on responsibility seems to revolve around the strong helping the weak. That's all well and good, and it's certainly charitable, but is it in fact responsible? If we continually lift the weak from their ruts are they not simply becoming dependent on our strength rather than developing their own? Is it more responsible to give a homeless guy spare change, or to walk on by? Either way he'll still be homeless tomorrow, but if you take the charitable/responsible course of action he'll also be drunk.

It seems to me that responsibility is largely to do with opinion and myth. It's all very well to say that something should or shouldn't be a certain way, but without enough strength behind you to back up your position there isn't much you can do to make it so. When you've strength behind you the rules are yours for the making. So responsibility, essentially, comes down to picking the winning side of an ideological stance and hitting the opposing side until it submits to your will.

Ha! I guess I am responsible.

This post is over.

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I'm in favour of drunkenness, so I'm off to give cash to a homeless dude now.


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