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Occupy Melbourne with Bad Hygiene
For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past few months, there are a series of protests occurring around the world in the wake of Occupy Wall Street. If you haven't heard about it you're probably exceptionally disenfranchised and should join in. By and large these protests have been peaceful affairs but not on every occasion. Sometimes they've been dangerously jovial.

They speak French so all they can do is retreat and surrender, which is strange because Jean-Claude Van Damme isn't about that at all.

In Australia, hippies from the town of Melbourne decided to join in on the “Occupy Something” trend and started their own movement, which was creatively named “Occupy Melbourne” because the fringe dwellers of society just love copying Americans. I was kind of interested in what the people of Occupy Melbourne were interested in achieving, because Melbourne is the world's most liveable city so what the hell were they complaining about? I trawled their website looking for the answer and eventually found that they didn't really know what they were doing. The closest thing to a reason for being there was this, which basically says, “America's doing this, so we should do it, too!”

The protesters occupied the city square. The thing about the city square is that it's not really designed to accommodate a series of tents and doesn't have the drainage to allow for the swift removal of gallons of bong-water, and thus the Melbourne council eventually decided that they had to go. They were told to leave on Friday by 9 AM, and then the Victorian Police pepper sprayed people and made fun of their sexuality until they left. Alternatively they gave them ample warning and broke it up after the professional protesters had taken things too far.

Whatever you believe happened there are some pressing questions that must be asked about this occupation.

What the hell were you all protesting about?

If you know you're going to have to fight police, shouldn't your front line be made up of people that actually eat meat?

If you're going to claim that your protest is a popular movement for the common man, maybe you should get people to come to the protest that aren't unemployed hippies forced to live on cat food?

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I want to link this on my Facebook wall and tag every single person on my friends' list who have crowed about being part of the 99%.

I like putting these things up on Facebook so that the poets I associate with know that I am indeed the enemy, in case they hadn't worked it out already.

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