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EarthBound 2
EarthBound continues:

Mary"s looking for a man.
Some women have standards, but this is taking things a little far.

I didn"t touch her, I swear!
Visions, or is Jesus just, "dreamy"?

In his sleep? Dan Brown was right!
I Mary, you Jane.

Help later, sleep now.
Jesus receives requests for salvation even while sleeping. No rest for the unwicked.

Now, turn these bars into chocolate, son of man!
Due to her inability to form complete sentences, Mary was assumed to be a jungle woman and locked in a cage.

And by destiny, I mean he"s really good in bed.
Dan Brown was right!

Some people just don't appreciate a good sermon.

We can be friends, but you"re still fat.
It's a shame that he's obligated to forgive everyone for anything, otherwise this fat kid would be pork chops. Kosher ones.

Yeah, I imagined you be a kid that killed people with a yo yo. I"m batfuck insane.
Despite the lack of cross and gaping crucifixion wounds?

No problem, Pilate.
This game is really all about forgiveness. Maybe I was supposed to call him Jesus...

np lolz!
It was your faith that has saved you!

Big help? By that you mean sex slave, right? Are you Dan Brown?
That's right. Perfuming his feet is important work.

This game was source material for the Da Vinci Code
And by take care of ourselves, I mean abstain.

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So much effort goes into the Comedy Festival, but so little of what is put on is nearly as funny as simply putting "Jesus" into Earthbound.

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