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EarthBound. Great game. You get to name the characters anything you want to, within a letter range, of course. I named the main character Jesus:

The Gods must be crazy!
You don't understand my calling, Mum!

Breaking bread.
He's a little young to be partaking of his own flesh, I should think.

"I've had bad experiences with things pokey..."

But I live in your heart!
Priests should just stand outside of churches waiting to say this.

Get offa my land!
My land?

If I can call the dog Hitler, I will.

Jesus loves the cookie!

His heart"s in the right place...
Hitler and Jesus. Together again.

Nice of you to call!
Yawh on line one.

Use the Ghost, Jesus.
Next step, lepers.

The bee can see.
The bee believes in you Jesus!

First step, Bethlehem!
Conquering sin is going to require a few level ups.

Strange old man in a shack... wants to be alone with a young boy.
Confessions ahoy! The messiah's work is never done.

Mmm, people.
This needs some explaining. You get to pick your favourite food at the start of the game. I picked people, and so that's what Jesus' mother feeds him before bed time. Nutrition.

Heaven is a place where your enemies die.
Only Jesus can use the power of Heaven.

Messiah"s coming to town, make way!
Jesus' name gets him places.

Lay some palms down, bitch!

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PS- Veed loved it too.

Hilarious! I like the "story", the names, and your comments! Keep updating us! Ahoy!

Where do I get this game?

The rom you can get here. In order to actually play the game you'll need an emulator. I use several, but for this game I'm using this one.

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